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Alumni Collaboration


Alumni needing collaboration from other alumni may fill in the form in the Contact Us page. This way your message will be emailed to all the others, and will be posted below. After you have been contacted by someone who could assist you, please inform us so your posting could be removed.

Assistance could take any form. Typical examples would be the following:

  • preaching a recollection or retreat to a seminary or the clergy of the diocese
  • a professor for a semester or a modular crash course
  • textbooks or notes for certain subjects
  • speaker for conferences or groups

Please include concrete data in each request, such as:

  • dates the service is needed
  • topic(s) to be tackled
  • info on the activity, participants and venue
  • side trips or other visits if any
  • compensation and whether other expenses will be covered (transportation, board and lodging, etc.)

Any response (or referrals) to these these requests will be highly appreciated. Meet friends, see places, gain experience, help other dioceses …