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Studium Theologiae Foundation, Inc.

Background and Projects
What started in 1986 as a group of professionals and businessmen who were inspired to address the need to establish an institution that focuses on the continuous formation of priests, is now Studium Theologiae Foundation, Inc.
     The Studium Theologiae Foundation, Inc. (STF), shares the reflections of Saint John Paul II to consider the importance of prayer in working together with the whole Catholic community to foster vocations of priests, to give particular attention to seminary training and sound continuing education for the clergy, specifically to the ones responsible for giving formation in the seminaries.

Theological Centrum
STF, with this mission in mind, had Theological Centrum – Manila (TC), as a project, to start the initiative fo rthe “Formation of Priests and Seminaries for the Local Churches”. TC has then assisted may dioceses in the Philippines in the task of seminary formation integrated in various instruments fo formation. Along with various means of formation, TC maintains a decent library with over 3,000 books in Philosophy and Theology and Canon Law. TC also publishes reading materials like the Documentation Service to enhance the doctrinal and pastoral materials of the clergy. One effective instrument TC tries to establish in the training of diocesan priests and seminarians is to ensure their competence and formation in their ecclesiastical studies.

Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and the University of Navarra
STF had chosen to collaborate with the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome, Italy) and the University of Navarre (Pamplona, Spain), and the local bishops of the Philippines, to ensure the effectiveness of this project. Theological Centrum was entrusted to carry out the selection process on the bases of the candidates’ responsibilities to their bishops, and especially on their potentials in handling important tasks of formation in the seminaries. STF have been inviting in the past 20 years other partners in this task of sending 10 to 12 priests and seminarians every year to the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and the University of Navarre. These two universities are institutions that include research and study in the ecclesiastical sciences established by the Holy See. They include the Schoos of theology, canon law, philosophy, and institutional social communications, and an institute for higher religious studies. The Schools grant the Bachelor’s, Licentiate, and Doctoral degrees.

STF had published several books for the doctrinal, ascetical and pastoral needs of the priests and seminarians. In 1989, it published the first edition of the Daily Roman Missal (DRM) with scriptural readings from the Jerusalem Bible and a systematic structure that allows you to follow the readings for the Sunday, weekday, Solemnity, Feast, Memorial, optional memorial Masses if the rubrics calls for it. The DRM is accompanied by the Treasury of Prayers which compiles various prayers that are traditional and are grounded in the piety of the Communion of the Saints. STF also published two editions of Faith Seeking Understanding–a complete course in Theology–compiled by Charles Belmonte. Other publications were Understnding the MassPatience: The Path to VictoryDo You Want to Be Great, also by Charles Belmonte. Another publication is a compilation of spiritual readings–To Jesus Daily Through Mary in four (4) volumes by John Bautista de Mayo.

Our Lady of Antipolo Chapel
STF was entrusted the task of continuing the operations of the Our Lady of Antipolo Chapel previously handled by the JPM Foundation. The oratory holds daily Holy Mass on weekdays at 12 noon and has regular schedules for the sacrament of Confession. Aside from the priests and seminarians, who attend the means of formation with TC, the Our Lady of Antipolo Chapel has also served the Quad Alpha Centrum Condominiums and the nearby offices along Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City for their daily Holy Mass and regular confession schedules.

STF Registration Data
Registration number: 135860
Registration date: May 30, 1988

STF Board of Trustees
Dr. Walter W. Brown – President/Chairman
+Mr. Alfredo C. Ramos – Vice-President/Treasurer
Mr. Arnold Chaluangco – Corporate Secretary
Mr. Martin Lorenzo – Member of Board of Trustees

*non-member of board of trustees

5th Floor, Quad Alpha Centrum Building
125 Pioneer Street
1550 Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

Bank Account
Mandaluyong Pioneer Branch
#01 Lower Ground Pioneer Corporate Center
North Condominium Pioneer Highlands
Pioneer corner Madison St., Mandaluyong City

PESO DEPOSITS 1891-0015-13